Medical Laboratory Immunology Mentors

Learn more about medical laboratory immunology from those who are certified by the American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology (ABMLI) and are active in the field. You may contact any of the individuals listed below to learn more about the science and a career as a medical laboratory immunologist.

Please note, these individuals are not available to provide any information on the ABMLI exam. For information about the ABMLI exam visit

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Name State
Dr. Wayne Hogrefe, D(ABMLI) California
Dr. Ron Harbeck, D(ABMLI) Colorado
Dr. Michael Lieberman, D(ABMLI) Hawaii
Dr. Alice Gilman-Sachs, D(ABMLI) Illinois
Dr. Karen Cost, D(ABMLI) Kentucky
Dr. Tatjana Matejic, D(ABMLI) Massachusetts
Dr. Gabriel Maine, D(ABMLI) Michigan
Dr. Roshini Abraham, D(ABMLI) Minnesota
Dr. Amir Sadighi Akha, D(ABMLI) Minnesota
Dr. John Schmitz, D(ABMLI) North Carolina
Dr. Mark Preissler, D(ABMLI) New York
Dr. Joseph Holup, D(ABMLI) New York
Dr. Tom Alexander, D(ABMLI) Ohio
Dr. Medhat Askar, D(ABHI), D(ABMLI), HCLD(ABB) Ohio
Dr. Tracey Bonfield, D(ABMLI) Ohio
Dr. Gerald Miller, D(ABMLI) Oklahoma
Dr. Nahed Ismail, D(ABMM), D(ABMLI) Pennsylvania
Dr. Anne Tebo, D(ABMLI) Utah
Dr. Geyhad ElGhazali, D(ABMLI) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Dr. Andrew McKeon, D(ABMLI) Minnesota