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National Training Lab Network

The National Laboratory Training Network (NLTN) is dedicated to improving laboratory practice of public health significance through quality continuing education. NLTN is a training system sponsored by the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) and the CDC.

The NLTN is staffed by laboratory training specialists who work with the state public health laboratory training personnel, CDC education specialists, and subject matter experts to identify and fulfill training needs. The NLTN conducts training needs assessments, then develops and delivers quality, cost-effective training in a variety of formats. Although generally geared toward laboratorians, courses are also designed to target other healthcare workers, such as epidemiologists, nurses, infection control practitioners, physicians and public health sanitarians as well as environmental, agricultural, and foodsafety laboratories.

The NLTN has offered more than 4,000 workshops and trained more than 220,000 public health and clinical laboratorians since 1989.

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