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ASM hosts four listservs for the clinical microbiology community.

ClinMicroNet is composed of an international group of clinical microbiology laboratory directors who openly and daily communicate with one another through this medium. The criteria for membership is ClinMicroNet are (a) Member of ASM, (b) Doctoral-level clinical microbiology laboratory director or (c) laboratory manager with national standing and peer recognition.

DivCNet. The goal of DivCNet is to improve communication among clinical microbiology laboratories and ultimately, improve patient care. This forum may be used to discuss any topic related to clinical microbiology, ASM, Division C or other topics of interest to the membership. Subscribers must be approved by a DivCNet moderator.

DivY. Hosted by ASM's Public Health Division, it provides a way for Division Y members to communicate with each other and discuss public health topics

Mycobacteriology. This listserv is for members in the scientific community to exchange communications and to have access to specialized mycobacteriology information.

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