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Bench Technologist/Supervisor

Listservs and Email Alerts

ASM hosts four listservs for the clinical microbiology community.

ClinMicroNet is composed of an international group of clinical microbiology laboratory directors who openly and daily communicate with one another through this medium. The criteria for membership is ClinMicroNet are (a) Member of ASM, (b) Doctoral-level clinical microbiology laboratory director or (c) laboratory manager with national standing and peer recognition.

DivCNet. The goal of DivCNet is to improve communication among clinical microbiology laboratories and ultimately, improve patient care. This forum may be used to discuss any topic related to clinical microbiology, ASM, Division C or other topics of interest to the membership. Subscribers must be approved by a DivCNet moderator.

DivY. Hosted by ASM's Public Health Division, it provides a way for Division Y members to communicate with each other and discuss public health topics

Mycobacteriology. This listserv is for members in the scientific community to exchange communications and to have access to specialized mycobacteriology information.

Enter your email address, and click the list(s) that you would like to join to send your subscription request.

Email Alerts
Alerts are timely announcements on specific topics; they are not discussion lists. Some of the topic areas are journals, ASM Press, meetings, news digest, clinical microbiology issues update, and a list of the content that has recently been posted to the Clinical Microbiology Portal. 

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Professional Certification

The American College of Microbiology and the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) conjointly develop and administer certification exams in clinical microbiology at the bench and supervisory levels. Individuals must meet ASCP eligibility requirements to take the exam. Those who pass the exam are certified as a Technologist in Microbiology (M) or Specialist in Microbiology (SM) by the ASCP and are issued a certificate with both organizations' names on it.

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Scherago-Rubin Award

The Scherago-Rubin Award recognizes an outstanding, bench-level clinical microbiologist. The award was established by the late Sally Jo Rubin, an active member of ASM's Clinical Microbiology Division, in honor of her grandfather, Professor Morris Scherago.

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Clinical Microbiology Issues Update

Clinical Microbiology Issues Update
This monthly newsletter provides updates on policy issues of concern to clinical microbiologists including Medicare reimbursement, CLIA updates, FDA device issues and meeting summaries.  It also includes notices on updated laboratory guides and the Sentinel Level Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Guidelines.

To receive the newsletter, input your email address, click on "subscribe", then click on the "newsletters" tab, and scroll to "ASMClinmicroIssuesUpdate" and check "yes."

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