Duodenoscope Sampling and Culturing Protocol

Standardized Protocols to Reduce Risk of Duodenoscope-Associated Infections

FDA, along with CDC, representatives from the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and other endoscope culturing experts, has developed voluntary standardized protocols for duodenoscope surveillance sampling and culturing.

The protocols outline steps hospitals and healthcare facilities can take to reduce the risk of infection and increase the safety of these medical devices. These steps are in addition to meticulously following manufacturer-reprocessing instructions.

They are an update to the Interim Duodenoscope Surveillance Protocol released by CDC in March 2015, and address the concerns regarding validation of duodenoscope culturing protocols raised in ASM's April 2015 Policy Statement on Culturing of Duodenoscopes.

Learn more on Thursday, March 22, during a webinar with FDA, CDC, ASM and other endoscope culturing experts.