Stimulating Bench Scientist Careers at ASM Microbe 2019

14 young clinical laboratory scientists were recognized for their enthusiasm and commitment to the clinical microbiology profession and given a chance to gain valuable insight into career advancement during ASM Microbe 2019. The recipients were awarded professional development grants to help facilitate their attendance at the meeting.  Funding was generously provided by Accelerate Diagnostics, AlphaTec Systems, Anaerobe Systems, BD Life Sciences, Beckman Coulter Foundation, BioFire Diagnostics, bioMerieux, COPAN Diagnostics, Hardy Diagnostics, Liofilchem, Inc., Medical Chemical Corporation, Promega, Quest Diagnostics, Qvella, Roche Diagnostics, Specific Diagnostics, TechLab and TIB MOLBIOL Inc.




"Reflecting on my time at the 2019 ASM Microbe, it was an honor to be a recipient of the Professional Development Grant. I was awestruck by the speakers and the future of microbiology, and that further instilled how important our work is in the lab. I am grateful for my time spent at ASM Microbe 2019.”   

-Katrina Callan, 2019 Awardee



 “My ASM Microbe 2019 experience was beyond all expectations. What I didn't expect, however, was how much I learned from the Opening session, the Fireside Chats, the business meetings, and the vendors. I was really surprised by the amount I learned from the vendors. It was a wonderful experience, and one I will not forget any time soon.

-Jennifer Elwood, 2019 Awardee



Established by the Clinical Microbiology Mentoring Subcommittee (CMMS) in 2014, the ASM 2019 New Tech Professional Development Grant Program provides an opportunity for the awardees to interact with pre-assigned mentors, attend symposia, and visit poster sessions. Awardees also get the chance to network with fellow bench scientists and mentors, peruse industry-sponsored exhibits featuring the latest technological advances, and learn more about the profession of microbiology.

Tiffany Kwak



“ASM Microbe was awe-inspiring. After attending, I learned about so many different opportunities that are readily available for CLS. I came out of this meeting rejuvenated about being a clinical microbiologist and even more excited to come back to work to inspire those around me.

-Tiffany Kwak, 2019 Awardee




“ASM Microbe was a wonderful opportunity to enrich my knowledge as a clinical microbiologist as well as expand my horizons beyond the bench. Having a mentor-guided tour of the exhibit hall was invaluable as it made the networking experience less intimidating for newer technologists such as myself.”

-Jesada Mathiyakom, 2019 Awardee


 Microbe 2019 BioFire 2


The awardees for 2019 are:

  • Amanda Berman, Medical Science & Computing/ National Institutes of Health
  • Katrina Callan, New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Center
  • Jeanna Donkle, Clement J. Zablocki VAMC
  • Jennifer Elwood, State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa
  • Erin Estes, Northern Light Laboratory
  • Laurel Green, San Diego County Public Health Lab
  • Robert Greenwood, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center
  • Tiffany Kwak, University of California San Francisco Medical Center
  • Xiao Hui Lau, Napa-Solano-Yolo-Marin County Regional
    Public Health Laboratory
  • Rebecca Lindgren, NorthShore University HealthSystem
  • Jesada Mathiyakokm, University of California Los Angeles Health
  • Courtney Steffens, Lawrence Memorial Hospital Health
  • Marisa Tudino, Rhode Island Hospital
  • Ionna Williams, UF Health Shands Hospital



“I am very grateful that I was able to have the opportunity to attend ASM Microbe and have mentoring through the CMMS committee. From this experience I was able to decide that pursuing more education will allow me to achieve my career goals and I will be preparing for those next steps.

–Marisa Tudino, 2019 Awardee  



 To be eligible for the grant, applicants must be ASM members, have 2 to 10 years of clinical microbiology laboratory experience, are non-doctoral bench-level clinical microbiologists, and have never attended an ASM General Meeting or Microbe Meeting. Additionally, applicants cannot be presenting a poster or talk at ASM Microbe the year they are applying for the grant. The 2020 application window is currently open. Apply now!


 Microbe 2019 42019 awardees at ASM Microbe 2019



"I had such an amazing time at this year's ASM annual Microbe meeting. Getting to see so many microbiologists from all over the world, and their willingness to collaborate with each other and share their research for a common goal was both humbling and inspiring. I feel I have a better understanding of the field of microbiology as a whole, and am proud to say I am an ASM member! I am very interested in doing more in the microbiology community as a result of this experience, specifically with ASM, and would love to be a mentor myself one day. I gained so much information from this experience and have already begun sharing this with my colleagues."

-Rob Greenwood, 2019 Awardee

Laurel Green Headshot



"Receiving the Professional Development Grant has been an invaluable experience for me that I will remember for the rest of my career. The speakers at ASM Microbe gave excellent lectures on topics that were not only thought provoking but also relevant to my career as a microbiologist. The vendors had magnificent displays that showcased the latest technologies out there and I was able to speak to a few about new products that could possibly be utilized in the lab."

-Laurel Green, 2019 Awardee 


IMG 4186
2019 awardees with Accelerate Diagnostics                                                             

Xiao Hui Lau- headshot


"The ASM Professional Development Grant provided me the opportunity to attend a wonderful conference such as Microbe 2019! It was a great experience, meeting members of the ASM leadership, vendors, fellow mentees from all around the country."

-Xiao Hui Lau, 2019 Awardee 







Microbe 2019 BioFire          

Two 2019 recipients with BioFire Diagnostics


          IMG 4362

2019 recipient with LTIB MOLBIOL


IMG 4183          

2019 recipients with Roche Diagnostics


          IMG 4188

2019 recipients with COPAN Diagnostics


IMG 4190          

2019 recipients with Becton Dickinson and Company


             Microbe 2019 Beckman Coulter  

2019 recipients with Beckman Coulter Foundation