Career Advancement for Bench-Level Scientists in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Careers within Clinical Laboratory Science, specifically Clinical Microbiology, are challenging and rewarding. Although not at the patient bedside, bench-level technologists play an integral role in the network of clinical decision making by providing accurate and critical information to the healthcare team. Those who are familiar with the duties and responsibilities of laboratory bench-work relish in the ability to contribute to patient care. However, many also seek the ability to progress within the field.

The goal of this document is to introduce bench-level clinical microbiologists to the opportunities which are available to those who seek to progress within the field while staying connected to the patient care that many revere. Here we present examples of positions which may be available to you within your respective institutions. Further, we also present suggestions which will help to enrich your experience and build your resume to help prepare you to be a competitive candidate for promotion. Note that advanced degrees (e.g. Ph.D., D.O., and M.D.) will not be covered here and are beyond the scope of this guide.