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Starting a Molecular Lab

Establishment of PCR Laboratory in Developing Countries
This WHO manual is designed to offer a basic knowledge of the principles and utility of PCR-based assays for diagnosis of viral infections. It includes a few protocols of commercially available nucleic acid extraction kits and PCR assays, as well as the protocols of PCR assays developed, standardized and available for routine diagnosis at the Department of Neurovirology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, India.

Success Story 4: Ohio State University Molecular Lab
In GoMolecular.com's article "Success Story 4: Ohio State University Molecular Lab," Dr. Preeti Pancholi, Ph.D., D(ABMM) discusses her experiences starting a molecular lab; including making the most of one's space, finding and training the best personnel, and more.

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