CPHM Governance Restructure

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On June 7, 2018, ASM's Board of Directors approved a proposal to restructure the CPHM governance and the way the committees are defined.

A working group, that included elected COMS leadership, CPHM Committee Chairs and ASM staff, was formed with the goal to position ASM as the leader in advocacy for the clinical microbiology lab.

The group evaluated the current CPHM committees―Committee on Laboratory Practices (CLP), Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) and the Professional Practice Committee (PPC) ―to understand the current activities of each entity and then identified the gaps and hurdles. The evaluation showed that there was overlap between the committees and their duties. The decision was then made to define and restructure the three committees to eliminate these overlaps and clarify responsibilities. A committee restructuring proposal was drafted with the recommendation that an umbrella governance entity would oversee the activities of all three committees.

The approved proposal is:

  • Rename the PPC to the Clinical and Public Health Microbiology Committee (CPHMC).
  • The mission of the committee is to promote and advance the practice of CPHM.
  • The activities of the PPC committees and the two Public and Scientific Affairs Committees (PSAC) fall under the CPHMC. Therefore, the two PSAC committees moved under this umbrella.
  • Makes "clinical" visible in the governance structure to members and external organizations.
  • CPHMC will be the clearing house for all CPHM issues and triage to appropriate committees.
  • Not one committee will be tasked with advocacy; it will be cross-cutting and incorporated into all activities.
  • CPHMC Chair sits ex officio on the PSAC to facilitate communication and advocacy efforts. PSAC is welcome to have a liaison on the CPHMC.
  • Chairs of all committees (ABMM, CPEP, Professional Development, Evidence-based reviews, Mentoring, Lab Practices, and Professional Affairs) will serve on the CPHMC, as well as its Chair and up to three At-Large members.
  • Rename CLP to Clinical and Scientific Practices
  • Rename PAC to Coding and Reimbursement
  • Rename PPC to Professional Affairs
  • CPHMC's activities are integrated with broader advocacy activities at ASM.

In 2017, ASM members identified science advocacy as an immediate need for the community, therefore the working group was focused on improving CPHM advocacy along with promoting the practice of CPHM. Additionally, the proposal was shared at the PSAC Strategic Advocacy Retreat in March 2018 so it could be included in the overall ASM advocacy strategy. There was no opposition to the proposal by the retreat participants.

Contact Peggy McNult, ASM CPHMC Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with questions or concerns.