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Join us for ASM's Hot Topic online events! Every other month, an expert's presentation on a hot topic, current event or controversial issue will be posted. This PowerPoint or video presentation is an opportunity for viewers to learn more about the science and the practice of clinical microbiology. Viewers can submit their questions for the expert's response for up to five days after the presentation has been posted. The following week, a transcript of the viewers' questions and the expert's responses will be posted to the portal. All presentations and their question and answer transcripts will be archived on the portal for future reference.

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The February Hot Topic discussion, "New Drugs: Few Testsmemonly-sm, was presented by Romney Humphries, Ph.D., D(ABMM), Section Chief, Clinical Microbiology, UCLA Health System. The Hot Topic content is restricted to ASM Members only. 

To access the presentation, click the link above.

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