Clinical Microbiology Issues Update

Clin Micro Lab Director in US Hospitals

Printed in ASM's Journal of Clinical Microbiology in October, 2010, this commentary addresses the clinical microbiology laboratory (CML) director who is medically, scientifically, and administratively responsible for all that happens in the laboratory. Topics discussed are-- who are CML directors? how are they trained and certified? what does a CML director do, and what is the best way to accomplish multiple challenges? how is a CML director paid? and, what are future challenges for the clinical microbiology laboratory director?

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Thomson, R. B., Jr., M. L. Wilson, and M. P. Weinstein. 2010. The clinical microbiology laboratory director in the United States hospital setting. J. Clin. Microbiol. 48:3465–3469.

Clinical Microbiology Issues Update

Clinical Microbiology Issues Update
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